Saturday, April 19, 2014

this is our last EASTER in our weekend chalet...

with this Easter weekend we have in all 6 weekends left
until we give the keys to the new owner;
almost all decoration is ranged in cardboard boxes and moved
home in our cellar...

This morning : (are the doggies searching easter bunnys ?)

all pics by me, with ZEISS camera of my NOKIA handy LUMIA 9... !

If you like TURQUOISE click here !

Enjoy the time off...I have to go to the kitchen, the girls are coming
in a few hours for dinner...


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

playing with COLOURS, living in the morning sun & HAPPY EASTER...

When I've seen this small tray and the
XXL multi colours pillow,
(once I was in that shop I surely don't have
to tell you in which one, everybody knows ?)
I just knew, that the colours will fit
very well with my other items.
The jeans jacket and the silk blouse are
quite vintage already ! I have them since
more than 10 years !

Wishing a very happy EASTER...
we will be away in a few time !



Tuesday, April 15, 2014


photos ARCHIVE 2013

still without new ideas, I'm browsing in the Archive 2012/2013.
I would be glad, if I would still be looking like on the above photo
from 2013), I will complete 60 years this year !

Great day !



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